6 Spectacular Coffee Systems

Care for a coffee?

Care for a coffee?

This site is all about productivity and pleasure, which means you either already love coffee or it’s your first time here.

Caffeine is the ultimate upgrade for the human body, an organic cheat code so wonderful that God or nature or physics set things up so that it grows out of the ground. It’s sunshine, improved, and we’ve found six cool systems for delivering it.

From fun cup holders to the coolest coffeemakers in existence, we remind you of one thing: if you have to do something every day, you should to do it well.

1. The 24 Hourglass Brew

Budweiser might have stolen the phrase “cold-filtered” to excuse having less taste than a tongueless American Idol contestant, but in the world of coffee, it’s a good thing. Cold-filtered coffee is the whisky to regular coffee’s wine: fuller flavor, far more intense, not for the weak, and far far better. The hourglass filter infuses the cold water with every iota of activity-boosting flavor without any heat adding to the acidity.

Hourglass Cold Filtering Coffee

Hourglass Cold Filtering Coffee

It’s also the ultimate gift. Not only is it ideal for that “I need my morning coffee” friend, or more likely friends since you don’t hang around with ineffective people, but it’s the perfect present by “things everyone appreciates but would never buy for themselves” thoughtfulness. As an added bonus, you can try the super-coffee for yourself while still looking generous…because selfishness is only bad when you’re dumb about it!

2. The Black Blood of The Earth

This featured in our Top Great Gifts list, and now it’s in this coffee list, and it’ll continue to appear in everything even remotely to do with productivity until you allow yourself the productive luxury of trying it. And if you didn’t know luxury could be productive, then we’ve just considerably improved your life.

A Viennese Triple Extraction Apparatus

This is the device they IMPROVED upon, and it looks like it could cure cancer.

Funranium Labs upgraded the above cold-filtering system the same way Oppenheimer upgraded banging rocks together. They understand that everyone needs the most epic coffee in existence, but not everyone knows that, which is why they offer affordable sample packs as well as the thesis-level boxes of a dozen liters. We don’t measure coffee by volume: we measure it by how much you get done.

3. Breathable Coffee

Le Laboratoire is aiming at the most stylish science imaginable, and with a Harvard professor based in Paris, they have every chance of achieving it. They’ve already outdone Willy Wonka by creating breathable chocolate…

David Edwards

He dresses a lot better too.

…but even calorie-free candy only stops you getting slower. That’s why the art-scientists turned their technology to the best c-word: coffee! LeWhif Coffee contains as much coffee as a very light espresso, and by “very light,” they mean “vaporized.” The particles waft onto your tongue, eliminating any coffee-teeth problems, and they are much more easily absorbed into your bloodstream. You know, that’s where they can do their job — helping you do yours!

4. Retro Recycling iCoffee Coolness

Given the Apple attitude to spawning new versions (“it’s the best way to make money ever!”), recycling old Apple hardware is technically the second biggest computer growth industry. It’s retro hardware and Apple love, so it’s for geeks. And because it’s for geeks, now it can make coffee.

iMac Coffee

iMac Coffee

The brilliant iMac Coffee Edition is perfect for a small tech company or startup, providing a stylish and fun center of attention (and caffeine which generates even more attention to go round). In an ingenious bit of self-referential recycling, the coffeemaker can even be fitted with an iAnything dock connecting to the computer’s old speakers and allowing the iMac to play music from any of the whippersnappers that replaced it!

iMac iPod Dock

iMac iPod Dock

5. Super Style (and Sea Mines)

A smartlife means looking good and being efficient, and Etienne Louis’s “espressomachine” doesn’t just improve you with chemical agents; it improves the whole room with its art. It’s so cool, it could probably replace your A/C, too.

Etienne And Maker

The maker and its maker.

The sea-mine inspired system simply radiates style. The ultimate conversation piece, it’s sure to impress (or at least intimidate) anyone you bring over for a coffee, giving you the advantage at the end of a romantic meeting or the beginning of a business meeting.

Espresso Machines

We’re fairly sure Doctor Who defeated these once.

They also look like mines, as in “Mine. That is so cool it must be mine.

6. Personalized Insulation

Personalized Insulation” might sound like an Eskimo gift, but the caffeinating cozy is cute, cheap, and extremely green. At the other end of the economic spectrum from Etienne’s masterpieces, the sleeves by Etsy crafter “sewtara” are a perfect present for those awkward office events where you realize the only thing you know about someone is that they drink coffee.

Caffeinating Cozy

Caffeinating Cozy

She runs a whole range of the products, several with common winter themes.

Brr Sleeve

The caffeinating sleeve has been sold, but an advantage of Etsy is the ability to communicate with the crafter directly. We’re sure a suitable offer would result in the coolest warming item ever made being remade.


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