A Choice Of Lighter Fluids

Lighter fluid has many household uses. Its main use is to start fires under controlled circumstances. There are several different types, most of which are composed of hydrocarbons.


Flammable fire-starters

Butane is a hydrocarbon found in cigarette lighters, gas-powered barbeques, and torches. It ignites much faster than natural gas and it burns cooler. It is also used in cars as a gasoline additive to enhance engine performance.

Charcoal lighter fluid is derived from petroleum. It is very handy to start barbeques, but it imbues the food with a rather unpleasant flavor. Also, it is very dangerous because it is so flammable. It emits volatile organic fumes that combine with nitrogen from the air to create ozone. This can cause asthmatic attacks and other breathing problems, and it can be very dangerous, especially for the very young and for the elderly.

Kerosene, which is sometimes known as paraffin, is found in jet engines, insecticides, and lamps. It is also used as a lighter fluid for barbeques.

A greener lighter fluid

There is now a patent pending on a different kind of lighter fluid called Smarter Natural Charcoal, which is abbreviated as SNC. This is very efficient, it does not spoil the flavor of barbequed food, and it is safe to use.

Safety considerations

Because lighter fluid is extremely flammable, it can be very hazardous to use. Always follow the instructions, and keep it out of the reach of children. If any is ingested, dial 911 and seek immediate aid. As with any combustible product, safety must be the first priority in its use.

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