A Word From Our Sponsor On California Workers Comp

Each of your employees has a workers comp code for their position. Having the right codes for your auto dealership workers comp-CA is important because it is those codes that determine the premium you pay. In California work comp laws are enforced by the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC).
There are a lot of rules that must be followed in regards to your auto dealership workers comp-CA. The idea behind any work comp coverage, whether in California or not, is to assist employees when they are injured on the job. One of the first things your employee should do if they are injured on the job is fill out a DWC form 1. And this does not mean for just a serious injury, it should be filled out for any injury.
If your employee’s injury requires medical attention, that should come before filling out the DWC form 1. But you want to make sure the form gets filled out and back to you within 30 days or your employee could lose their benefit.
As an employer you want a safe workplace for your employees and in doing so it will also help your auto dealership workers comp-CA premium. You want to find an insurance agent that is familiar with the complicated workers comp rules and laws. Your agent will assist you in getting the appropriate coverages in place to protect your business.

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