A Word From Our Sponsor On Liability Auto Insurance

The type of Orange County auto insurance that is mandated by law is your liability coverage. These are the coverages that protect the other drivers on the road if they are involved in an accident with you that is your fault. These coverages will pay for any bodily injuries or property damage you do to the other driver, their passengers, and their vehicle.
The state will have a minimum limit of liability you will have to carry on your Orange County auto insurance policy. These limits are usually very inadequate. You will want to speak with your insurance agent to determine what limits would be the most appropriate for you. Our society has become very litigious. If you are involved in a serious accident you could be looking at a lawsuit. It is important that you have adequate limits of liability in place to protect yourself.
There is one exception to your liability coverage that is not for the other driver but for you. If you carry uninsured motorist and/or underinsured motorist coverages on your Orange County auto insurance this is to protect you if you are involved in an accident that is the other drivers fault and they have inadequate limits of liability.
Working with your insurance agent to go over your insurance coverages will help to assure you will have the right coverages in place to protect your assets. Click here to get more information on auto insurance.

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