A Word From Our Sponsor On The Many Businesses That An FEC Advantage Insurance Program Can Help

If your clients have a specific business they probably think it will be very confusing to cover their risks. With Sterling & Sterling Inc. they understand that all businesses deserve comprehensive insurance coverage without having any complications down the road. The FEC Advantage Insurance Program offers Property, General Liability, Umbrella, and Accidental Medical at specific rates for industries that are members of the International Association for the Leisure and Entertainment Industry.
There are multiple classes of business that are able to benefit from this program, such as Go Karts, Soft Play, Ice Rinks, Batting Cages, Indoor Paintball, Driving Ranges, Bumper Carts/Boats, Bowling Centers, Laser Tag, Kiddie Rides, Video Arcades, Water Rides, Miniature Golf Centers, and Inflatables. These are all given the protection they require for the unexpected. Your customers probably believe that they will have unrealistic limitations on their policies, but not with Sterling & Sterling Inc. They offer any amount that is required for Property, which can be reassuring. With the FEC Advantage Insurance Program they will get up to $2,000,000 for General Aggregate and up to $1,000,000 for other coverage.
The deductible for a crime can be very steep with many insurance programs, but that is not so with Sterling & Sterling Inc. They offer a $1,000 deductible when crime was the cause of damage. Your clients will be glad that you have found the FEC Advantage Insurance Program to fit their specific needs once you give them the details.

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