A Word From Our Sponsor On The Various Forms Of Insurance For Public Services

The primary liability of a municipal structure is the traffic accidents that can result of improper construction or maintenance of the city streets. However, beyond this large source of risk, lie the myriad of public services provided by the municipality which themselves care an associated liability. The proper execution of these public services can be covered by municipality insurance New York agencies.

An important part of this part of municipal insurance coverage involves public officials. When they are on the job, particularly when they are working in public during normal business hours of the city office, the responsibility for their actions is assigned at least partially to the city government. In many cases, for example, if a city official is held liable in a traffic accident, whether or not he was driving in the performance of his duties, the up to 100% of the responsibility for damages could end up being assigned to the city, regardless of whether the said individual had the ability to pay or not. This attitude of “deep pockets liability” extends to any employee of the city government. A person assigned to drive around town to inspect the traffic meters could cause a huge judgment against the city if he were in an accident for involved in any other actionable activity. Without the option of taking public employees out of the public, municipal directors instead made sure that they carried the appropriate municipality insurance New York companies to cover their public service activities.

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