A Word From Our Sponsor On What Is An Intermodal Program

When first looking into different and specialized types of policies, insurance agencies may be overwhelmed with the numbers and types of specialized policies. However, finding the right one for the right situation can make a difference between salvaged goods and services and tragedy after unfortunate incidents. This is very important both to the agency and the client they serve, as salvaging as many goods as possible helps both to continue to function and have an open and friendly business relationship. In certain cases, especially those for intermodal transportation businesses, there are specific programs that can be implemented in order to help keep coverage complete and comprehensive. Basically, underwriters work with insurance agencies to implement an intermodal program to more specifically insure the needs of intermodal transportation businesses.

Through the different types of transportation businesses, as well as the relative size of each, finding coverage that is affordable and available for all types and parts of the business can be a complicated process. However, utilizing the underwriters’ knowledge, experience, and suggestions, agencies can provide unique policies for their clients without having great amounts of hassle and stress. Through the implementation of an intermodal program, agencies are able to provide ways for businesses to insure their equipment, the inventory they ship, the warehousing or storage of goods and inventory, and other aspects of the transit business. This can be as general as specific as it needs to be, and the intermodal transportation businesses can benefit as much as the agency through the provision of these services.

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