A Word From Our Sponsor On Why Directors And Officers Insurance Is Important

With so many lawsuits being filed against companies having to do with something as simple as a decision that was made by a company’s officer or director, it is increasingly important for a company to invest in directors and officers insurance. It cannot be over stated how important this insurance cover can be for your company. What this insurance does is cover a situation in which someone incites a lawsuit against a company executive for a decision that was made in the line of duty for the company. The laws have become more flexible to include coverage on a personal basis for decisions made by a company officer that isn’t necessarily related to a company process, but are still related to something they did while in the line of duty. This is just another reason to carry directors and offices insurance. It will go a long way towards providing mental and financial security for your directors and officers.
To build a successful company you need to be able to attract top quality directors. Having directors and officers insurance is a necessary part of the package to attract the type of people you want helping push your company forward. And no director will want to work for a company that is not willing to have their back. Purchasing insurance coverage for your directors assures them they will be protected in the event there is a lawsuit.

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