About Cell Tower Insurance

As cell phone service reaches even the most remote parts of the country, the number of cell phone towers is always increasing. This means that more and more often, towers are being placed on private land. Of course, all related laws and regulations including zoning must be adhered to when the landowner and tower owner contract for the land use. This contract will spell out the responsibilities of the parties involved including maintenance and insurance costs. Anyone considering allowing a cell tower to be placed on their property should be aware of the laws and learn about cell tower insurance. –Cell Tower Insurance

Cell tower insurance is a unique type of insurance that has developed out of a need during the growing information age. Many towers are placed in areas of high traffic and high population and often attract all sorts of attention. Insurance can be specifically written to cover any acts of vandalism or tampering. This insurance will also cover the tower in the event it is damaged by bad weather or high winds. However, unless it is specifically included, the land the tower stands on is not covered. As a landowner, this part of the insurance may be very important and could be used for bargaining during contract negotiations.

Insurance agents will be able to work with both parties to create insurance policies to protect them and their property at a reasonable cost. The cost of these policies may be paid by either party and would be determined during contract negotiations.

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