Affiliate Community – Do I Want One?

The affiliate has a choice. They can either work with multiple merchants, or they are able to work with an affiliate network. So why ought to a marketer desire to work with an Affiliate Network?

I remember a friend told me a story awhile back. He had built a little website and had signed up to turn out to be an affiliate at a stack of different affiliate programs related to the subject of that site. Some weeks soon after he had set up the website including links and banners from numerous affiliate programs, he turned his attention to other company interests and lost interest in the web site.

Several months later, he noticed that a couple of checks had started arriving from the affiliate programs he had joined up with. Not massive checks, but amounts for a number of dollars here and there. That was his 1st dilemma – as he was living outside of the USA, a lot of tiny amounts result in a lot of bank charges. (Which makes me ask – Why can’t all countries permit affiliates to bank checks at no charge?)

the checks continued to come in, and while some of them were posted on his wall as they were so little he couldn’t bank them, he wasn’t complaining as he was making money he hadn’t expected. It turned out that his web site had ranked high up on particular key phrases in a main search engine, and he was receiving a fair quantity of targeted visitors for cost-free. A number of months following that he decided to log into all the affiliate accounts he had registered with, and noticed that some of them had not paid him as the amounts had been too modest, some of them hadn’t paid while they need to have, and some even showed that they had sent him amounts that he didn’t recall receiving checks or EFT or paypal or any other payments for!

So how does working with an affiliate network prevent this from happening, and is this the only reason to function with an affiliate network?

A superb affiliate network has quite a few diverse offers which the affiliates can promote, and nearly all of the affiliate networks consolidate the amounts the affiliates earn from the a variety of campaigns. This means that the affiliates receive a consolidated payment instead of a lot of smaller ones.

It also makes reconciling the payments simpler, as you simply log into one affiliate network, and can see a summary of each and every of the campaigns you’ve promoted, how much you’ve earned from them, a summary of how much you’ve got earned overall, and how much the affiliate network has paid you to date.

Also, when you work with 1 campaign in an affiliate network, the other campaigns function in a comparable if not identical way – the tracking is the very same approach, the place you pull the creatives from will be the very same, the way you check your stats will be the identical – and nearly always, all of this might be achieved by logging into 1 backend website instead of many distinct websites.

So now you are working with 1 log-in, where it is possible to genuinely get to realize the method.

On the other hand, even with the best of affiliate networks, issues go wrong – but with an affiliate network, you would be allocated an affiliate manager, who will help you sort out any issues you encounter. Not 50 various affiliate managers – one for every campaign you are running, as would be the case if each merchant was a standalone merchant with their own affiliate program – but one affiliate manager for all the campaigns. And by constructing up a relationship with your affiliate manager, once you do have to have answers, you’ve one person to turn to.

Naturally, when you develop into a skilled super whaling affiliate (the sort that lies on the beach although the funds pours in – HAS Any person Really ACHIEVED THIS? Watch this space for a future story about the affiliate beach goers!), you’ll want certain campaigns to promote, and which is why, even the most beneficial of affiliates belong to several affiliate programs and affiliate networks. But this presents even more difficulties.

So my guidance when beginning out would be to opt for one or 2 affiliate networks, turn into familiar with their method, construct up a relationship with the affiliate manager, test out the various campaigns they’ve, and let them allow you to attain the success and results you need to accomplish.

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