Are You Generating Free Network Marketing Leads? If Not, Here’s How…

If you are here for free network marketing leads, you’ve arrived at the right place…But only if you’re ready to work to get them.

There are no companies that give people free network marketing leads and if there is, I would be willing to gamble that they’re the most terrible, tire kicking, time-wasting, un-qualified leads you will possibly ever speak to.

MLM is an industry created on hard (and smart) work, so if your in search for a free network marketing leads hand out, this is not the article for you. Instead, with this article I will be discussing how to generate free network marketing leads yourself, using good old fashioned hard work and the principles of attraction marketing.

Let’s get started…

To start with, if you have never heard of attraction marketing, it is a concept that’s been floating around the home based business industry for about five years now. Essentially, attraction marketing is about marketing yourself as a leader and person of value, and not just bashing people over the head with your network marketing opportunity.

Most people aren’t necessarily looking for your business opportunity, but rather somebody that can show them how to make an income from home. Screaming out, “Join my business, I’ve got the best business in the world” is a sure fire way to create disbelief with prospects from the very start.

No one really cares about your business, even if it is the greatest opportunity on the planet. All people coming into the network marketing industry care about the most is finding a solution to a problem and they will go to the first person who can teach them how to do that.

Basically, when you start of with VALUE, and not your network marketing opportunity, you will naturally ‘attract’ people to your opportunity.

It’s incredibly important that you comprehend attraction marketing so that you can produce your own laser targeted, free network marketing leads.

OK, so how can you produce free network marketing leads with attraction marketing?

You will need your own blog and/or a capture page, something of value to give away (an ebook you wrote, boot-camp, a video series, audio, some sort of training, anything of value) and one or two free and PROVEN marketing methods.

I personally believe the best 2 free marketing strategies to attract free network marketing leads are article marketing and video marketing.

What you need to do for you to generate free network marketing leads is send people to you squeeze page (capture page). Your lead capture page will have an optin form where the prospects looking at your website can leave their name and email address in order to recieve your free give away.

In order to get potential leads to your capture page with article and/or video marketing, all you have to do is create an informative piece of content (an article or video) letting them know at the end that they are able to get more information by visiting your website. then, submit your article or video to article and video directories like ezinearticles and

Once you have captured their email address, you can start to build your relationship with your leads. Once you have made a relationship and your leads come to know you as someone who offers value, you can now go on to share your opportunity, products and services with them.

Some of your people on your list may even call you about your MLM opportunity and looking for more info on how they are able to personally work with you.

All of this is thanks to the power of attraction marketing.

If you would like to generate free network marketing leads with your own personally branded capture pages, you simply MUST have a look at the personal branding system that I use at my website, This system will allow you to establish yourself as a leader and attract free network marketing leads to you. The marketing training at this website is simply priceless, and will assist you generate more leads and more money for your business.

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