The benefits of responsible mining.

A resource can be attained through either two ways. Generally, people have farmed the things that they need so that they have a continuous source whenever they would need it. For everything else, they would need to mine it. Mining, however, usually come with a negative connotation because it usually means that they would need […]

Set top boxes

This term describes a specialised computer which translates incoming digital signals into a form suitable for viewing on a standard television set. The source of the signals could be a digital satellite or terrestrial broadcast, a cable television channel or a video-on-demand programme sent down a telephone line. Set-top box, sometimes abbreviated to set-top or […]

Tips for getting a job in industrial construction

Considering a job in industrial construction? As you may already know, having the opportunity to work in the construction industry is appealing for a lot of reasons, including: a. Construction work is tangible: you get to see your results as you go along. This is something you cannot safely say about most desk jobs. b. […]

The history of gold in South Africa

South Africa is the most advanced and richest country of Africa. It owes all its economical development to abundance of mineral resources like gold, diamond, platinum and coal etc. The country is the leading producer of precious metals such as this metal and platinum. Almost 50% of the reserves of the world are found in […]

Allergies caused by flowers

Flowers are beautiful. They brighten up a room and make everything in it seem more beautiful, more cheerful. For most people a vase of flowers on the table signifies that that room is a happy one, a comfortable place to be. For allergy sufferers, however, a vase of flowers is far from inviting- it’s treacherous. […]

Information technology : a definition.

Information technology has been defined by the Information Technology Association of America, or the ITAA as being the study, design, development, implementation support and/or management of any computer based information systems. This relates particularly to software applications and computer hardware. Information technology deals with using electronic computers and software to convert, store, protect, process, retrieve […]

The History of Wicca

The history of Wicca or “The Craft” is complex but traditional Wicca is rooted in the so called “British Mystery Traditions”, for example the Picts, who existed before the rise of Celtic consciousness, the Celts, and some Celtic Druidism. Wicca predates Christianity by about 28 000 years. A variety of archaeological discoveries, reveal that the […]

GPS Vehicle tracking systems

Today’s most advanced car alarms offer GPS tracking capabilities that are extremely helpful in locating an apprehended vehicle. Beyond the ability to pinpoint the vehicle’s location, these GPS tracking systems offer many two way communication options to car owners. Owners are automatically notified via phone call or text message if a car has been broken […]