Ecommerce Merchant Services

Can Ecommerce Merchant Services make a difference in the way you do business? You bet they can! A Ecommerce Merchant Services account can equip you to conduct e-commerce with the latest credit card processing technology. You may be able to manage your company with fewer employees to handle billing and collect payments when you implement […]

E-commerce Merchant Accounts

Some small business owners are satisfied with making a certain amount of income and have no wish or plan to grow their business with a E-commerce merchant account. Others, however, aggressively pursue professional opportunities for expansion by seeking out technological advances that can help them better serve customer needs while increasing profits. A E-commerce merchant […]

What is the MATCH / TMF File?

What is the MATCH / TMF File? When consumers do not honor the terms of their credit agreements, the creditor may report the default to a credit reporting agency. If the consumer applies for additional credit, the new creditor obtains a credit report and learns about the consumer’s previous history. The merchant processing banks (also […]