Auto Insurance in Florida

Florida is known as the sunshine state for a nice reason. Just imagine a perfect sunny and bright day ideal for driving. You are driving through the roads with the winds breezing your hair. The traffic is moderate and even the temperature is pleasing without any humidity. While you are enjoying such a pleasurable drive, another car comes to strike you and everything goes all wrong. Carrying auto insurance is not only important to have protection but it is mandatory to carry the state required minimums in order to drive your vehicle.


The state of Florida requires all the vehicle owners to carry minimum state requirements. The minimum coverage includes a minimum of 10,000 dollars in property damage liability and 10,000 dollars in personal injury protection. Moreover, it is necessary to have a valid license plate of Florida. Personal Injury Protection which is also called Florida No-Fault Insurance provides coverage to the driver and cover certain passengers or family members, whether the driver is at fault in the accident or not. Property Damage Liability pays for all losses and damages caused to the other person’s property or their family by the driver during the accident.

Another option for auto insurance in Florida is BIL or bodily injury protection. This particular coverage will compensate for permanent or serious injuries or deaths to other people in case of an unfortunate accident. Besides paying for the injuries up to a particular limit, the insurance company will also offer legal representation, in case such need arises. In addition to this, BIL will protect the family members in the driver’s house while driving, no matter if they are driving other person’s car.

The state of Florida requires Florida coverage which implies that the insurance should be provided by the insurance company that carries the license of Florida Department of Financial Services. If a person has moved from other state to Florida, the existing insurance policy can’t be maintained without transferring the current insurance to Florida. This is usually a simple process which involves calling your insurance agent to do the needful. If you fail to carry state required insurance and are caught driving uninsured, you will have to bear huge fines and penalties including suspension of your plates, driving license and registration for a period of up to three years. All this can be avoided by providing the proof of insurance.

The Sunshine State is full of people who are enjoying the fun associated with open road and outdoor travel. But there are times when simple drives are not simple and may result in an accident. Auto insurance in Florida is necessary to protect your car and yourself against all kinds of damages and losses that may result from an accident. Hence it is recommended to carry the best possible coverage and drive peacefully to avoid any kind of financial disaster that may result from an accident.

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