Becoming a Property Locator

Real estate investors love good deals. That is certainly no secret! However, they are often so bogged down in their businesses dealing with tenants or contractors that they do not have time to look for great deals all the time. Many times they will “hire” people to find them property. I am not talking about real estate agents, either. They will pay a finder’s fee to unlicensed individuals who bring them leads on good deals.

Let’s say your job has you drive around a lot. Maybe you are a mail carrier, for example. You are out in public and you see a lot of distressed properties, for sale by owner homes and fixer uppers. Investors would love to have the information on these properties, but they do not know where they are or that they even exist! They are not listed by real estate agents, so unless the investor happens to drive by, they will never know about it.

This is where you come in. Often times, investors are more than willing to pay you for these leads. Many of them will pay per lead, but some will only pay if they close on that property. Usually, that is the more lucrative way to go. Let’s say the investor is willing to pay a flat $500 for any property that you find and they close. If you have this deal with 10 investors, you could make thousands of dollars a month just sending them leads.

Being a property locator is just one more way that you have to think outside of the box of a J.O.B. and create your own business. This is a very profitable business if you structure it the correct way and you remain consistent with it. You are only limited by the amount of work you want to put in.

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