BlackBerry Thunder-9500

If you are looking for simplicity in design, then the BlackBerry-9500 just might be worth a look. Sporting a full size touch screen and just four physical keys, it would be hard for anyone to be intimidated at first glance. However, don’t let the plain look fool you – there is a lot of functionality included with the 9500.

The four physical keys are clearly intended to take care of the four essential functions with any type of cellular device. The keys allow you to initiate and end calls, while also providing access to the menu and allowing you to move backward if necessary. This configuration creates a nice familiar connection with anyone who is upgrading to a new phone after several years getting by with older technology, and takes some of the anxiety out of learning a few new tricks.

One missing feature that may disappoint some users is the lack of a slide out keyboard. Blackberry users often find these to be almost essential. Still, the 9500 will offer such essentials as a camera, email access, instant messaging, and many other basic options.

At present, it appears that the 9500 will launch in the United States as a phone option with Verizon. In Europe, the unit is set to find a home with Vodafone. Starting off with such powerhouses is a good way to attract a lot of attention. The creation of a great deal of buzz will probably help the 9500 to expand to usage with other carriers before too long.


-Sleek and simple design
-Full screen
-Placement of keys is very user friendly


-Lack of sliding keyboard will turn off some Blackberry fans
-Unit is slightly heavier than some models


The Blackberry Thunder 9500 is poised for sale through carriers in the United States and Europe. It will be interesting to see if this unit proves to be a means of bringing users who are still working with technology from a few years back into the latest offerings. With the simple and unintimidating design, it may be just what is needed to entice people to upgrade from older phones.

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