Car Insurance For New Yorkers

New York car insurance rates rank high in the nation. Despite this, it is possible to find lower rates, or even discounted rates, if the right places are checked. An insurance buyer also must determine if they will need coverage above and beyond the minimum requirements. Even if this is so, lower rates can still be found.  New York Car Insurance

New York insurance agencies determine the types of policies they will offer based on several factors. The make and model of a car as well as they age are all determining factors, as are the age, driving record, sex, and criminal record of the driver. New York insurers are legally allowed to perform credit checks and allow this to factor into the decision on whether to insure a driver.


Statistically, female drivers are involved in fewer car accidents than men, and going off of this statistic, insurance agencies tend to offer cheaper insurance to women. Women are also more apt to drive slowly. Both young people, such as teenagers, and old people, such as seniors, pay higher premiums since they are deemed less capable of responsible driving. However, students can use their good grades to receive a discount and senior can participate in driving classes for the same.

There are other discounts that New York car insurance buyers can apply for, but a good rule of thumb is to keep a spotless driving record and keep the car in excellent condition. These will save a driver money both on insurance and on maintenance.

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