Caravan Club Insurance – For An Adventure-Filled, Worry-Free Holiday

To one group of people, vacations are considered as opportunities to unwind in the luxurious confines of a resort, trips downtown for fine dining and shopping, and beaches for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing with a popular novel. However to another group, vacations are looked at as opportunities for adventure. For example, such people would like nothing better than the excitement of driving on a remote road, not knowing what lies at the end of it. If you count yourself among the latter group, perhaps, you are a caravan owner, or have given some thought to join a club to avail special caravan club insurance tariffs and other benefits. Although caravan club membership has its rewards, in terms of attractive group discounts, you must know there are several factors to consider before buying the first insurance plan you come across.


Shopping for caravan insurance is akin to shopping for all other types of insurance plans. However, some level of research is essential. This includes obtaining estimates, evaluating the extent of coverage offered versus the premium rates charged, and then making a well-informed decision. This same process applies when buying a group insurance policy as a caravan club member. At times, insurance coverage is automatically offered by certain clubs as an incentive to sign for club membership. In such a situation, it is crucial to read the fine print and policy terms carefully before selecting the club. On the other hand, some clubs may offer you a membership card that will permit access to valuable group discounts offered by leading insurance companies.

While the discounted rates of caravan club insurance are an attractive proposition, you must decide whether the coverage offered in a particular insurance plan matches your individual requirements. For example, if you wish to travel with your pet, a separate insurance plan for the pet may be necessary. Although certain companies may include pet insurance coverage in the overall plan, there are others who may not. Similarly, for overseas travel you will need additional insurance coverage, too. A number of insurance companies market a combination of standard travel insurance plans and caravan insurance.

An interesting possibility is that attractive discounts can still be had even if you are not a caravan club member. As an example, if you are a homeowner, the coverage offered by your home insurance policy can be extended to include part coverage of your caravan. However, as a caravan is considered as both vehicle and residential accommodation, it may be essential to buy insurance coverage for both components. A majority of caravan club insurance plans do not take a homeowner’s insurance policy into account. This is because certain club members may in fact not be home owners.

Although buying any type of shopping can be confusing or even nerve-racking, it is also true that designing your vacation plan must be enjoyable. So, regardless of whether you experience the caravan insurance-buying process on your own, or benefit from the excellent, discounted caravan club insurance tariffs, stay focused on your objectives. By doing so, a happy, adventure-filled holiday will soon be yours.

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