Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance policy covers an insured entity and its employees from liability that comes from their employment practices. The most common claims come from wrongful termination, some type of discrimination, and sexual harassment. These employment practices may be true or just alleged acts. All claims must be investigated as this is becoming a […]

Invest In A Construction Insurance Policy With Your Business In Mind

As a construction business owner, there is no doubt that construction insurance has crossed your mind at one point or another. Having the right support to back you up in the event that something should happen that is outside of your control is what often saves large and small companies alike from going under while […]

Some Benefits Of Captive Insurance

Insurance, as the word suggests, is there to insure entities – either people or businesses –against the financial risk of possible contingencies that may occur in the future. While we cannot confidently predict events in the future, different types of insurance exist for certain situations, analyzing possible losses for each one. For example, your automobile […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On Insurance Coverage For Rental Homes

Insurance coverage for rental homes is very important although it is not a requirement. If you own your own home and still have a mortgage, then the bank requires that you have insurance for that home, but if you are in a rental you are not required to insure your personal property. Renters insurance in […]

Sponsored Ad: Communication With Your Legal Malpractice Insurance Agent Important

When choosing legal malpractice insurance, it is important to make sure that you have a good communication line open with your agent. As an attorney, you know that you have to maintain a good communication process with your client in order to represent them in the best possible manner and the same is true with […]

Sponsored Ad: The Importance of Business Insurance For All Business Types

Do business owners understand the great need they have for business insurance in Orlando? The homeowner appreciates the protection against damage to their home and property by a good home insurance policy. The owner of an automobile is glad for the coverage on their valuable autos if an accident occurs or damage is done. The […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On The Reasons Behind Surety Bonds

There are now many types of businesses that require Surety Bonds in Orlando Florida for many reasons. There have been problems in the past that haven’t been easily resolved between the client and owner of the business, so these bonds have become a way of protection for all. There are auto dealerships, contractors, real estate […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On The Businesses That Require E & O

Some problems arise within businesses that cannot be avoided. Employees can make mistakes that end up costing the entire organization thousands, if not millions, of dollars. With E&o Insurance, however, the business doesn’t have to take the loss once a mistake has occurred. There are always going to be problems that arise from mistakes, and […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On The Different Coverage Available With Public School Insurance

If you are in the market for public school insurance in Indiana you might be interested to know about the different options when it comes to coverage areas. There are several different options to choose from that you can decide if you need or desire when it comes to insuring your education institution. Educational institutions […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On The Different Forms Of Coverage Provided By Car Insurance

There are many things that can cause damage or losses when cars are involved, car insurance in Orlando is available because of those situations. A moment of inattention or a sudden flat tire can result in damages. Dings, scratches and dents in parking lots create times when car repairs must occur. Car owners are often […]

Sponsored Ad: What E & O Protects Against

Many companies will require E&o before people will work for them because of the protection it provides them. There have been many times where people are held responsible for the company, and large personal and business losses occurred. Companies, both large and small, should have the necessary protection for any representative of their organization in […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On Finding The Right Insurance Policy For Your Employment Agency

There can be no doubt that employment agencies provide a valuable service to individuals searching for employment, as well as for the business market. They are frequently used by high-functioning companies as a way to bring in individuals that fit the initial bill to be considered for employment. However, with the unique services that they […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On How To Find A New Auto Insurance Policy

You now have many more options for your Putnam Connecticut auto insurance than ever before. There are many providers available to choose from, you just have to decide which one gives you everything you need. You may have realized that you may not be getting the best coverage under your current policy and want to […]

A Word From Our Sponsor On Some Unexpected Benefits Of Auto Insurance

The owners of automobiles understand the important need for insurance coverage, but they might be surprised to find that auto insurance in Orlando has some unexpected benefits. Just what those benefits include will vary from auto to auto and from claim to claim, but for the automobile owner, the insurance protection has come to mean […]