Ferrofluids; Not Your Average Magnets

Normally a magnet is thought of as a small and cold piece of decorated metal that is stuck to another metal object like a refrigerator. Magnets can actually be found in a liquid form called ferrofluids, and these liquids actually have similar properties to that of a solid magnet. They are not an actual magnet […]

Popular Zippo Lighter

Most everyone has heard of Zippo lighters. These popular lighters have been around a long time and are favored by smokers and collectors. Modern lighters can be relatively inexpensive. However, older, collectible models may have a higher cost. Zippo is constantly updating their lighters for both function and fun. With so many choices, finding the […]

Smoking Pipe Tobacco Can Be A Pleasant Activity

Pipe smoking has been around for a long time, since ancient times in fact. Now pipe smoking is becoming more popular. One reason is that many people are concerned about the health dangers of smoking cigarettes, and a lot of people feel that smoking a pipe is less damaging to health. Pipe tobacco does not […]

Reasons For The Popularity Of Meerschaum Pipes

Experienced pipe smokers know that a big part of the fun of their particular hobby comes from enjoying the pipe itself. Pipe smokers love to experiment with different pipes until they find the one or two that best reflect their personalities and give them a good smoke. Among those who know their pipes, the Meerschaum […]

Choose A Good Pipe And The Right Pipe Tobacco

Any person who is an avid pipe smoker enjoys the process of finding just the right pipe tobacco and the right pipe to enhance their pleasure. There is often a ritual involved in pipe smoking and the steps of preparing the pipe and the tobacco are part of a relaxing and soothing activity. For the […]

Many Reasons To Get A Zippo Lighter

Back in 1932, the Zippo lighter was introduced to the world as the first ever flame starter that would not be affected by the wind. Zippos are commonly known for those who smoke cigars and cigarettes. They are also very popular among long-time loyal collectors who continue to create innovative ways to put a Zippo […]

What You Should Know About Meerschaum Pipes And Humidors

If you want to experience cigars, you need to do your homework to find out the tools you need for a great cigar smoking experience. In the process, you will learn how to maintain the freshness of the product, cutting cigars in the proper manner, and what are the products that will give the best […]

Enjoy Smoking Pipe Tobacco

Have you noticed that pipe smoking seems to be getting more popular these days? One reason is that many people feel that smoking a pipe must be healthier and less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Pipe tobacco does not have as much of the tar and other dangerous chemicals that are found in cigarettes. In addition, […]