Introduction Of Butane Lighters

Smoking has always been a serious social problem right from the ancient society until now. Research shows that cigarette smoking has been there for almost two centuries. It is amazing how cigarette consumption has rapidly increased even after learning about the health risks that are associated with this activity. This has led to an increase […]

Meerschaum Pipes Are Practical And Elegant

Meerschaum pipes are made out of a soft mineral called Sepiolite. It can be found in the Dead Sea and resembles sea foam floating on the surface. This substance is closely related to soapstone and is usually grey, cream or white. It is known by several different names including White Goddess, Vienna Stone and Venus […]

Pipe Starter Kit

Pipe smoking continues to be an acceptable pursuit for the cultivated minority. Over the years, smoking pipes have escaped the bad reputation of cigarettes. Pipes require an adherence to a uniform ritual and an aficionado culture that is unlike the common friendly design that is attached to cigarettes. Many pipe smokers are particular about the […]

The Benefits Of Using A Pipe Tobacco Sampler

There are many flavors of pipe tobacco available in the market. Pipe enthusiasts can find out which flavor they like most by using a pipe tobacco sampler instead of trying out type of pipe tobacco. However, it may be necessary to experience a variety of aromas and flavors of tobacco in order to experience the […]