Cheap New Jersey Car Insurance

New Jersey drivers are finding that they are able to purchase basic New Jersey Car Insurance thanks to the Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act. What can be any cheaper than being able to purchase only the state required minimum insurance? –New Jersey Car Insurance

This great act will allow residents to purchase New Jersey car insurance at cheaper rates than the usual standard car insurance policies that was required before. This New Jersey car insurance will still be able to protect you in much the same way as the standard policy. It includes a personal injury protection of $15,000 per person or accident, and $250,000 for injury whether it be a permanent injury or a significant injury. However, this will depend on the overall definition of the policy. The New Jersey car insurance policy will also include a $5,000 property damage liability for each accident.

However, with this new version of New Jersey car insurance unfortunately bodily injury is not included but, it is offered. If you choose to include bodily injury into your policy for an extra fee you will receive $10,000 for every person.

Other items that are not included in the basic New Jersey Car Insurance policy include the following; uninsured and under-insured motorist, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. The good news is that both collision and comprehensive can be added to your basic New Jersey car insurance policy for a small fee. However, this will depend on the type of basic car insurance policy that was issued.

So as you can see the basic New Jersey car insurance policy is available at a cheaper rate. However, it will only offer a minimal coverage but, it will offer the more important coverage that you will need.

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