Cigar Lighter Adapter Is Useful To Have In Your Car

Many cars have a receptacle on the dash that can be used for lighting cigarettes. This is covered by a knob containing a coil that can heat up. When the coil is sufficiently hot it can be used to light cigars or cigarettes. The same socket can also be used to run small devices such as cell phones and fans. To use the twelve volt current a cigar lighter adapter is required. Some can convert the current from one hundred twenty volts to two hundred forty volts. It is easy to find a cigar lighter adapter replacement in most hardware and car accessory stores.


This feature is common in most cars, but the amount of current produced is not stable and the performance may be affected.

Car drivers and passengers who wish to plug in the device should look for a knob that has a picture of a cigarette on it. When you pull this knob out, you will see an empty space that has been left behind. When the vehicle is running, this empty space will be lit up, showing that electrical power is flowing. Plug the cigar lighter adapter into this empty space.

If the device does not get charged when it is plugged in, there are some possible remedies to try. See whether the car is running and if the battery is functioning properly. It is also important to see if the adapter has been pushed in far enough. There should be a click that indicates the adapter is plugged in.

Over recent years, the cigar lighter adapter manufacturers have gotten more innovative. The adapters can now be used for more purposes than simply lighting cigars. They also can provide energy for devices such as fans and lights. Other devices that can use adapters for power include hidden cameras. The adapter should be used only when it is required.

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