Club Insurance Needs And Requirements

A type of insurance that is often forgotten is the policy that needs to be written for clubs. You will find many varieties of club insurance, depending on the sorts of activities that are conducted. In the vast world of clubs one insurance policy that is well suited for one will normally not be the best for a different club. For example, a gun club will require an entirely different policy that a sewing club.

Probably the first type that should be at the top of the list for a club is the errors and omissions policy. With human error such a common occurrence in the world, it is highly likely at one time or another a member of the club will be caused harm. Health clubs will face a high risk of someone being injured while using a piece of the gym’s equipment. Children who participate in the various clubs are intensely prone to accidents that would require some type of medical attention, therefore the club should be prepared for that event. Gun clubs and hunting clubs face obvious dangers that other clubs won’t face.
It is unfortunate that we live in a world where people seem to file lawsuits for the most trivial reasons. Your policy for errors and omissions will help to cover any law suit legal expenses that might occur.


Whether or not the club owns, leases, plans to buy, or rents a piece of property there will need to be property insurance coverage. Also any equipment that is owned by the club will require insurance to protect their assets. Events of natural disaster should be added in a separate policy to the ordinary property insurance. Instances of flood, earthquake, or hurricanes are not listed under the same policy as regular property insurance making the loss of equipment during such an event unprotected.

Many clubs will also have the use of vehicles for their club, which will require a policy of commercial auto insurance along with other forms of coverage. That policy of commercial insurance is the one type that is required by state law for the club to obtain. If that club also hires employees, then coverage for those employees will need to be considered. Both health and workers compensation will need to be in place to protect the club in the instance of an employee being hurt while performing their job. While a policy of employment practice liability should be in place to protect the club owner from any type of lawsuit filed by a former employee.

The size of the club will determine which of these forms of policies will be needed, the smaller the club the least likelihood of some will be required. Most clubs will require only errors and omissions policies or commercial auto, while they meet in someone’s home. But the bigger the club there will be more extensive policy needs, making it necessary for the clubs to do as much research on different laws and policies for the greatest benefit.

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