Courthouse Insurance New York Style – Important Information For Your Business

Courthouse insurance New York style… this is what you should be thinking if you own a business in the old Big Apple.   This is because lawsuits run rampant in this area.  With so many people in one space, the odds are not in your favor when it comes to potential problems.  However, with courthouse insurance, you avoid paying legal fees in the event you do have to appear in front of a judge.


Now, if you are like many you may think such an insurance is not a big deal.  Well, you might be one of the lucky ones that has never been in court.  Even a cheap lawyer could run you $5,000.  This does not include your initial consultation fee, which is another $100 to $250.  These expenses are very overwhelming for small businesses, who are often working on borrowed funds in the first place.
The situation is even worse for businesses where liability claims are inevitable.  Fitness clubs are an example.  Even if everything is up to code, there is always the possibility that someone will fall or injure themselves on the exercise equipment.   And, if they are of the “sue-happy” mindset, they might think such an accident is their ultimate ticket to getting rich.

But if you get courthouse insurance New York style, you will be protected from these types of customers.   Yes, you will have to pay a healthy premium, which might be a sacrifice for beginning businesses.  However, your premium will still be cheaper than ANY legal fee.

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