Custom Magnets For The Frugal Decorater

A tastefully decorated home doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s just a matter of finding frugal ways to incorporate the basic elements needed to achieve a beautiful decor. Adorning a wall with personal prints and custom magnets are much cheaper alternatives to buying traditional pieces of art. Recycling what you already have on hand can also be turned into a masterpiece or focal point.


Re-purposing your personal photographs is much cheaper than purchasing an expensive print. With the right software, you can customize your digital pics to fit any decorating theme. Black and white photos are contemporary while sepia lends a nostalgic feel to your home. A collage of three or more pictures in various trendy colors can make a wall pop. Also, your prints can be custom framed for a fraction of the cost.

If you like to keep your decor fresh and ever changing, than custom magnets are an ideal way to interchange your wall decor in a flash. These magnets come in a variety of shapes colors and sizes and can be purchased online. All you need to do is paint your wall with magnetic primer, top with the color of your choice and you are ready to decorate. Re-arrange as many times as you want until you reach the desired look.

Decorating is not as intimidating as most think, you just have to think outside the box. It’s a easy as picking a wall, adding some paint, creating a focal point and jazzing it up with inexpensive elements.

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