Drueke Chess Set Sale – The Leading Brand for the Game of Rulers

An American chess set making company that has survived the test of time, the Drueke Company was started in the early 1900s. Today, making the Drueke Chess Set one of the greatest, the company has developed to become one of the foremost chess set makers in the country, from its simple origins. The company even so persisted despite significant hurdles like the First World War, which compelled them to move their manufacturing plants to Europe. The company however, was bought by the Carrom Company during the late 90s though the quality of Drueke Chess Sets still continued.

Undoubtedly, the Drueke Company is one of the oldest makers of different favorite board games, besides chess sets, though naturally, they excelled in their chess sets. For the quality wooden design of these sets, they are coveted by different kinds of chess players, from tournament players to collector players and many others, though granted, these sets are not as fancy or attractive as the House of Staunton Sets or as rare as the other expensive ivory, brass, marble, or crystal chess sets.

Produced from authentic walnut and American hardwood, the top of the range chessboard manufactured by the company measures around 23 inches and weighs 8 pounds, making it very hardy. At the same time, the chess pieces are created from actual rosewood and on the average, measure to about 3.75 inches, and these, coupled with the board, can be safely stored in a walnut carry case. Today, the Drueke Travel Chess set, where you can find the Drueke Magnetic Chess Set, especially, the 8 Drueke Travel Magnetic Chess Set, is one of the greatest sellers for the company. Featuring superbly hand made pieces and board, a sturdy and mobile travel case, and the magnetic feature, this impressive set is remarkably valuable during traveling.

As stated above, the company also produces different other popular board games, like backgammon, checkers, and dominoes to mention a few. As well, indoor games, like foosball, air powered hockey, stick hockey, table basketball, and even poker, are also supplied by the company. There are also numerous accessories you will stumble on for these exciting games, such as the carry bags for the domino set, the extra chips for the poker, the backgammon pieces, and so on, aside from the game sets.

Through their online shop website, www.inhomegames.com, you can easily buy your Drueke Chess Set, along with other indoor games. Likewise, numerous specialty game retail stores and toy stores, like Toys R’ Us and KB Toys, may have Drueke sets.

Being an ageless game, you can effortlessly locate a lot of sorts of chess sets, with distinct brand names, styles, materials, and sizes. One brand name many folks think about with chess sets is the Drueke Company and for several good reasons.

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