E & O Insurance

Knowing the type of insurance you need as a small business owner is important. There are many options and a learning curve in involved in choosing the right coverage. All business owners need liability coverage, but e & o insurance is a bit different and you need to be sure you are getting what you need. Spend some time learning about E & O Insurance to get the coverage best suited for your business.


Liability insurance protects a business against claims of personal injury or damage from accidents when negligence alleged against your business or its employees. Professional liability insurance covers errors made while performing professional l services that have financially injured a client. If you provide professional services and advice you need e & o insurance.

Anyone who is in a profession that provides services to the community, such as, accountants and lawyers, should obtain e & o insurance. The insurance will protect you from law suits resulting from services you provide when a client alleges errors or omissions with your work that have financially harmed the client. This insurance will allow you to defend yourself, pay damages should you lose or settle a claim to avoid further expense.

Professionals have standards that they must meet when providing their services. Most professionals are competent in the services they provide, but mistakes are always possible. E & O insurance can provide peace of mind because it will cover unfounded claims as well as legitimate claims. It can make the difference between staying in business of closing your doors.

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