Ebooks for Kindle. Where to download ebooks for the kindle 3

The kindle 3 ereader is argueable the best ereader device on the market when it come to replacing your book collection and storing all your ebooks in one place, however it can often be hard to find good sources to downlaod ebooks for the kindle without paying through the nose. Many ebook stores charge up to $15-$20 per ebook fro the kindle but there are other services available which are a lot better value. Firstly i suggest not to go to amazon or the ibook store from apple as they are by far the most expensive and really not the best way to find ebooks for the kindle

A quick tip i use is to search out your favourite publishers and suthors websites as they often have some of their old ebooks and works available for free via their own sites and more importantly you can get hold of their newest works at a discount and before they go on getneral release in conventional book shops and online libraries.

The first recommendation i can make to save money on ebooks is a service called Scribd, this is an online site that allows anyone to publish their own amterial and give it away free of charge over the internet. The beauty of this service is that it allows users limitless access to millions of online works including ebooks, the majority of the site is short articles in pdf format and white papers(research studies) but the with some proper searching you are able to find a lot of good ebooks for the kindle and download them to read on your kindle 3 device.

The next recommendation i make is a service called Ebooks for Kindle, this site grants users access to a huge online library of over 40,000 ebooks and does not charge users for every book they download, instead users pay a one off fee of just $20(at present) and they can download all the works they like from the library and store them on their kindle ereader for use later. Most users save hundreds of dollars alone with this one service as it is not limited and the subscription is a lifetime membership deal. The user is not limited to how many ebooks they are allowd to download for their kindle. It really is a revolutionary new service. Plus you get access to all the newest ebooks as they are added to the sites. A must for anyone who is a Kindle or book fan.

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