Exactly why do I require a trial attorney? I don’t wish to go to trial .


When you hire an excellent trial lawyer, you have a big stick. That is, the threat of your attorney taking the insurance company’s insured to trial and winning may be the important leverage to have when hiring a lawyer to handle your case at this crucial time in your life. However, if your attorney lacks a continuous proven record of taking cases to court trial and winning, then what you may have appointed to represent your interests, as well as the interests of your loved ones, is merely a personal injury case broker having a law diploma. That sort of lawyer doesn’t have any real leverage to get your case resolved on beneficial grounds to you. And you can bet the insurance companies know who’s going to be a threat, and who’s not. Most people trust their case will settle before trial. That’s normal, and most cases do settle out of court. However, if you would like increase the prospects for an excellent settlement, it’s best to hire an established trial attorney to give the insurance company a message that you’ll be willing to go to court if required. That’s leverage.

Practical Experience with Outcomes.

Trial lawyers are experienced with cases like yours and can inform you at the start whether it’s worth your while to pursue legal action. Should you be less likely to prevail at trial, you deserve to know why early on, and your attorney ought not to incur avoidable costs taxed against your settlement. In that situation, a good trial lawyer knows strategies for alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration, that could help get a case resolved without the substantial risks of trial, as well as help you to save time, money, and avoid a lot of anxiety.

Lawyers Fees Contingent Upon You Winning.

Most trial lawyers who deal with personal injury claims work for a contingency fee, which means should you not win, you will pay no attorneys’ fees. In contingency fee cases, regardless of the outcome, you may be accountable for certain costs incurred in prosecuting your case that aren’t directly related to professional attorneys’ fees, such as the fees doctors charge for reviewing your records or being interviewed. Personal injury lawyers understand you cannot afford to pay bills when you’re injured and out of work, so all fees are paid for you, and reimbursement isn’t expected before the case is resolved.

Avoid Dealing with Adjusters and other Headaches.

An experienced lawyer and his or her staff will take good care of all the paperwork, the phone calls, the bill collection notices, plus the expenses of your case, so that you can focus on getting your health back and looking after your family.

A Team of Experts, Investigators, and Paralegals.

Whenever you call a trial practice, you will have a team of investigators standing ready to attain and evaluate data vital for your case, including a network of experts in fields like engineering, economics and medicine who are trained to appraise the evidence in your case and help us to educate a jury. Moreover, together with your lawyer, you will have a team of paralegals and secretaries taught to organize and coordinate your case, including a law library giving us access to statutes, cases and periodicals throughout the USA and the newest technological innovations for an edge over our opponents.

Good Judgment.

A great trial attorney will be more objective regarding the value of your case than you, because he or she brings a wealth of practical experience to the table. No one truly knows the value of an injury victim’s damages. Certainly you do not, and no one expects you to. Thus, where you might be influenced to take what seems to you to be a fair settlement offer, your attorney may give you advice that it is in your best interests to wait for an appropriate offer.

Knowledge of the Courthouse, Judges, and Other Attorneys.

A seasoned trial attorney calls the courthouse his home. The judges have respect for him, and he can deal most effectively and expediently with opposing counsel. Should you be appointing an injury attorney that is not a trial lawyer, chances are they might not even know where the courthouse is, and they also won’t garner any respect from the attorneys on the other side of your case. See item #1, above (Leverage).

Finding Insurance.

It is one thing to verify that your particular damages or injuries are sizeable, and it is another thing to discover a way to collect capital for those damages. A really good trial lawyer can achieve both. We can assist you determine the maze of insurance policies and find out the applicability of insurance policies with liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motorist coverage, umbrella or excess coverage, and a host of other forms of insurance policies that a great many attorneys do not know anything about.

Larger Settlements.

A trial attorney is motivated to zealously advocate your case, and because their fee is contingent upon you winning, a trial lawyer wants to obtain for you the top settlement possible, and as early in the litigation process as they possibly can.

Larger Verdicts.

If a trial is needed, an injury attorney who’s a trial attorney knows how to make use of the rules of evidence presenting your case in a court of law to obtain the absolute best jury verdict to your benefit.

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