Ferrofluid In Computers

Ferrofluid is one of the more interesting inventions in modern science. It is a fluid that can be manipulated by magnets and has some oter unique properties. The fluid can be manipulated into doing quite a few things, including change its shape. Most of these are essentially a change in consistency. With a magnet the liquid transforms into a set shape, essentially change phase into a solid. In the modern world, we have numerous used for ferrofluid, in fact they are used all around you. Here we will tell what ferrofluid is and about its uses.


What is Ferrofluid?

Ferrofluid is made from two main ingredients. First, it needs some kind of liquid. Sometimes it’s water, other times it is a chemical, usually some sort of solvent. Tiny magnetized particles usually made from iron make up the other component. The debris is fine enough to be suspended in the solvent, responsive to magnets, and and generally makes the liquid black. Sometimes a third component is included to keep the particles from clumping. It is called a surfactant.

The Effect Of A Magnetic Field

When under the influence of a functioning electromagnet, the fluid becomes active as it conforms to the shape of a magnetic field. This usually takes means it forms strange shapes and patterns. Because the particles are part of a suspension, they flow smoothly into whatever shape the magnetic field directs. The neat transition is very useful.


You probably use Ferrofluid all the time and never even realize they are there. One great example is your computer hard drive. It is used in these because it allows the memory disks to spin quickly without friction or wear and tear. It also repels dust and other contaminants. The liquid seal provided by Ferrofluid is a great use in today’s computers.


Ferrofluid is a great thing, though its properties are indeed unique. It can change from liquid to solid in the presence of a magnet which proves incredibly useful. Its use in common objects is just part of the high tech wizardry we take for granted every day.

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