Finding the Perfect Air Filter

Have you ever wondered why you usually see numerous tiny specks of dust when the sun is shining? The air is heavy with allergens and other particles that have no place to go. Because of this, the air within your place may actually be worse than the air outside of it. Every time you open a window, you invite more pollutants into your house. Whenever you see dust on your couch it has come from the dirt in the air being spread throughout your house. But, you don’t have to let these dust particles have control over your life.

It’s not difficult to find a fairly priced latest air purifier. You will want to know about the different types of air purifiers that are available so you can make the best buying decision when it comes time to get one. Several different air filters are available. One type is the HEPA filter, which is short for high-efficiency particulate air filter. These air filters can trap most particles in the air with the use of a cloth-like filtration system. The HEPA filter can last up to two years and entraps more pollutants than most other available air filters. What may keep you from getting a HEPA filter is that it does not get rid of odors or gases, and it can be loud.

Still another common air cleaning device is the ionic filter. It cleans the air by making use of ions and giving opposite charges to the air particles. This causes the pollutants to stick together, and are then gathered up on magnetic plates. This is akin to what happens when your hair sticks to a balloon after you’ve rubbed it on your head. People oftentimes opt to purchase ionic filters because they are so quiet.. Additionally, they can effectively clean really bad household air by getting rid of allergens, viruses, and bacteria. If you need to get rid of terrible smells your best option is a carbon air filter. These air filters trap the air pollutants with numerous pores that produce a chemical bond. These filters are not able to get rid of germs or allergens.

One more type of air purification system is the ultraviolet light air filtering system. It works best when combined with HEPA air purifiers. However, ultraviolet light is able to sterilize microorganisms. Nonetheless, these air filtration systems may not work correctly if the microorganisms are not exposed long enough. This is where a HEPA air filtration system is a good idea. Since they keep the air longer, sterilization can be done. The HEPA filter destroys the allergens and the UV light takes care of the microorganisms. Another air filter alternative is the hydroxyl radical air filtration system. Hydroxyl radicals are extremely potent purifiying substances that are ever-present in the earth’s atmosphere naturally. Hydroxyl radical air filters work best by destroying mold and insidious bacteria.

Now you have plenty of information should you make the decision to purchase an air filter system for your household. It’s a smart step to purify the air in your home.

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