Florida Auto Insurance Rates

Just like most other states Florida requires that to operate a vehicle on their public roads you must have auto insurance. The failure to obtain and maintain coverage for a continuous period can result in issues with both the law enforcement agencies and the DMV. In the event that your insurance has lapsed due to financial difficulties it is imperative that you begin searching for a complete Florida auto insurance rate quote that you can afford.


During the discussion with a professional insurance agent you will be asked to provide both your vehicle ID number along with your driver’s license. Using those bits of information your agent will check the system for the base premium for your vehicle. That will determine statistically what your insurance premium will be, however depending on the usage of your vehicle your particular insurance quote will rise or fall accordingly.

In the state of Florida auto insurance rates fall into categories for usage which are separated by how often the vehicle is driven and the mileage that is used. As expected those who drive their vehicles more will be asked to pay a higher premium than those who rarely drive, the quote will depend on the mileage. That usage will generally range approximately 12,000 miles yearly for the higher premium bracket, while the knowledge that you drive less than 3,000 will possibly save you money. However, to receive that deduction for fewer miles you will be asked to provide odometer proof to your insurance company.

The type of usage of the vehicle will also play a part as to how much your coverage will cost. Those categories of business, pleasure, or commuting will determine the premium as well. Driving to work or to school falls under the classification of commuting, while business use is classified as driving to or from one location to another on business. Pleasure use only, will provide the lowest premium Florida auto insurance rates available.

Potential financial liability or ruin can result from driving without proper auto insurance, which can be sufficiently more of a risk in the big scheme of things. To protect yourself from potential costly fines, license or registration suspension, in the event that you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer you should contact a professional insurance agent for a quote.

Having the information made available that tells you how your Florida auto insurance rates are calculated will provide you the best knowledge. Now by using that information you can rest assured you are receiving the best possible rate available for your own particular needs. It is as important as making sure that the correct usage is placed on your vehicle, so that you can continue to drive on the roads legally. Contact various companies for quotes before purchasing your insurance, to allow yourself the assurance of the cheapest most effective insurance for you.

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