Florida Auto Insurance Rates

According to the law in the Florida State, it is a legal requirement for anyone operating a vehicle to have auto insurance. Florida auto insurance rates can be very expensive. It is therefore important that one understands how he or she is quoted to be in a position to lower the premiums to an affordable rate.


Once you visit an insurance agent, you will have to provide your driver’s license and the ID number for your vehicle. With this information the agent will be able to access your records in the system and determine your base premium. This is the premium that is based on the symbol of your vehicle and your average usage.

According to the Florida auto insurance rates, your vehicle usage is determined by your mileage or how long you drive your vehicle. Auto insurance companies use these two categories to determine the premium that you should pay. If you drive more, you pay more. You should provide proof of your exact mileage using your odometer reading to get rated properly and receive discounts where you qualify.

Your vehicle usage is categorized to either, commuting, pleasure or for business. Pleasure driving attracts the lowest rates of the three categories.

Driving without insurance is risky and you may end up paying more costs. Contact an insurance agent to get quotes on the Florida auto insurance rates. Learn how these calculations are made to take advantage of them and determine the lowest rates you can access to make your auto insurance affordable. Once you purchase your auto insurance, you will drive legally with peace of mind.

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