Gain Power Wiith A TCP IP Power Switch

If you think mobile devices and smart phones will not be around much longer, think again. With the ever-increasing functionality being brought to cell phones, there’s practically a limitless amount of things you can now do with the help of a cell phone and some additional programming. Although some might find them cumbersome to deal with and would always rather use face-time rather than phone-time wherever possible, those folks might soon be swayed when they understand just how flexible your cellphone can be. With the use of a TCP IP power switch at home, the cell phone user can now access their home network and gain invaluable usage out of their cell phone.

At first, remote switches at home were used to connect you to your home security camera while you were on the road or away from home, but now this functionality is easily ported to your cellphone. It’s like something right out of a spy flick, when years ago you’d see the cast of Mission Impossible doing this, now it’s available for everyone. For you security camera, all you need to do is install some software on your phone and with that you can remotely login to your switch and access the security system as if you were right in front of it. Smart phone technology lets you take control of things from your phone and you can even setup your system to call your phone whenever some kind of alarm is set off.


The flexibility that a TCP IP power switch gives you can really pay off if you’re on the road and you need to gain control of your pc or network at home. You can shut the system down to preserve energy or in case there’s a thunderstorm brewing. You can also boot up your computer or computers and gain access to them as if you were sitting right in front of them.

Aside from controlling the power aspects of your home network devices, you can also gain any other kind of access from your smart phone, including full remote capabilities. It’s as if you were logging in to a computer bank from your cell phone and getting work done. You can do things like edit your website from your home computer, transfer files, upload and download things and even send things to the printer at home.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re phone or computer savvy or not, the inventors and design engineers have done the public a tremendous service by making all this functionality very simple to use. A TCP IP power switch and additional software is the key to the future and you’re now in the driver’s seat.

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