Generator Automatic Transfer Switch Protects Homes & Businesses

Electricity is taken for granted by most people until we temporarily lose service for some reason. Then the complexities of power become very important. It becomes evident very quickly that many homes and businesses should have a backup system to provide service in case an electrical storm or power surge disrupts power. This is most often accomplished by installing a generator to provide emergency service, which is keyed to operation by a generator automatic transfer switch.

Manual controls provided this service in the past, but the switch can now be done automatically in a fraction of a second, so your business or home does not lose necessary power. Heating and air conditioning can be absolutely essential in some areas, as can refrigeration for sensitive products. Automatic transfer insures that electric flow will transfer immediately from your primary provider to a secondary source of power.


Storms are the most common cause of power disruptions. By setting up a generator automatic transfer switch you will transfer smoothly to your secondary power source. When main power is restored, you will be switched back. The switch is connected to the primary power source, where it monitors electrical flow from the main grid.

Generators cannot be connected directly to the main power source, because they would then be subject to the same problems affecting the main system. Depending on the output generated by your secondary source, you may only have enough power for heat and lights. Some systems can power all household or business functions.

If you have critical functions that must continue at all times, it pays to invest in this system.

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