Generator Power Transfer Switch

Power outages are a frequent occurrence in some regions of the country. Take tornadoes and hurricanes for example, they can knock down electricity lines in a few seconds. If you live in a region where this is likely to happen, you would be wise to be prepared for this eventuality. Being prepared for the worst, means often that the worst is not as bad as it could be. The basics you need for this kind of preparation are a power generator that works independent from the electricity supply and a generator power transfer switch. Add to this clean, safe drinking water and food that doesn’t spoil and you and your family will get through such an emergency without huge problems.


When you lose the main electricity to your home the biggest, immediate danger is that food that is stored in fridges and freezers will spoil easily. Even if you start to eat what you can and even have a gas stove or similar to prepare said food, chances are that you still will lose some of it. For longer emergencies it pays always out to have some long-lasting food in the house that doesn’t require to be kept cool nor cooking.

The even better option would be to have a generator that is equipped with a generator power transfer switch, this way you have all the power you need to get through the crisis. The switch is important in order to avoid a sudden power surge when the main power comes back on.

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