GHD styles for Australia’s Next Top Model

GHD styles for Australia’s Next Top Model

After surviving the cattiest model call in Australia, 13 posing and pouting glamour girls have been selected to experience the opportunity of a lifetime – a chance to be crowned as Australia’s next big catwalk name. Australia’s Next Top Model is back for the much anticipated fourth series, which will follow the contestants as they battle the catwalk, camera and each other in a runway ride of their lives. On-board as an official sponsor, ghd and its team of hair-stylists – including Hamish Glianos, Jayne Wild, Jon Pulitano, Michael Brennan, Sandy Chong and the ghd Directive – will help to transform these average beauties into high-end catwalk contenders.

Using the ghd IV styler and thermodynamics? range, our expert stylists are responsible for grooming each of the contestants for their weekly challenges and photo-assignments. With each contender continually vying for the judge’s attention, the claws are out as the girls try to prove they have what it takes to make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modelling. Australia’s Next Top Model 4 airs in Australia from Tuesday 22nd April with the winner announced at a live final held July 1.

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