He’s the New Einstein: Nassin Haramein!

Nassim Haramein or the New Einstein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962.
Considering that 9 many years outdated, Nassim was presently laying the groundwork for hyperdimensional unified idea of subject and power, which at some point he would simply call “Holofractografic universe.”

Nassim has put in most of his everyday life studying the basic geometry of hyperspace, learning a wide variety of fields from theoretical physics to cosmology, from quantum mechanics to biology and chemistry, from anthropology to the historical civilizations. Combining this observation with a deep know-how of the behavior of nature, he discovered a specific geometric process which he identified to be essential to the development and also, for the foundation for his unified idea of fields.

This unified theory, recognized as “method-Metric Haramein-Rauscher”, is a new solution to Einstein’s area equations that incorporates torque and Coriolis effects. Laying the foundations of what could be an essential modify in our latest conceptions of physics and consciousness, this concept disturbing is increasingly recognized in the scientific neighborhood.
Fluent in both equally English and French, Nassim held conferences and seminars connected to the unified concept for over ten a long time, in particular in Canada and U.S..

He has a ton of interviews and conferences that you can locate them on the net, created a number of documentaries the place he talks about his bodily theories that he supports, theories like “The Holofractografic universe.

In the past twenty years, Nassim has led groups of physicists, electrical engineers, mathematicians and other scientists. He established a nonprofit basis called “Resonance Task Basis (Resonance Challenge Foundation), wherever, as Director of Research, he continues exploring unification concepts and their application in the world today. The Foundation is an investigation park in Hawaii, the place science, green technology and culture are interwoven bio.
If you liked the series of the documentary THE Stylish UNIVERSE, and if the lesson in quantum physics of documentary proof – The Circumstance For The NASA UFO’s you have found coherent and meaningful, the conference’s of Nassim Haramein are all those that website link and go to an additional degree, unifying, uplifting, spiritual consciousness is the crucial component.

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