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HostGator is very well known company in the hosting segment. If you are thinking of making a web site for your business then you will need some hosting space to host your site. HostGator provides such a hosting space.

There are many reasons for choosing HostGator as hosting company but here are main 4 reasons why you should choose HostGator.

1) HostGator provides not only shared hosting but variety of hosting services. HostGator offers reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers hosting at cheap rate. So in case you will ever need to upgrade to high end hosting you can easily do that in HostGator without changing the hosting company. Remember changing hosting company is a big headache. So it’s always a good choice if you can upgrade the service in the same hosting company.

2) HostGator offers 24×7 support through live chat and through phone. HostGator also has toll free number for support. So it’s very beneficial for customers to get support through toll free number. You get help at the same time you want. Support is the main reason for choosing HostGator.

3) HostGator has a proven history and experience of handling hosting services. HostGator many satisfied customers across the world. HostGator currently hosts more than 4 millions domains in the company. So now you know that how much experience the company has.

4) HostGator offers the service at very cheap rate. You will get many discount codes to get the service at attractive rate.

So now you have no reason of not choosing HostGator. Read ahead and I will show you how to get discount.

How To Get HostGator Discount?

Just like any online store, HostGator also offers discount in form of coupon codes. If you search on the Internet, you will find many working coupon codes.

HostGator offers mainly 3 types of discount codes.

1) $9.94 discount codes

This type of coupon codes offers $9.94 discount. HostGator offers 1 month of shared hosting at $9.95. So if you use this type of code then you will get full month of hosting service at just 1 cent. These types of hosting codes are good if you are going for shared hosting. You can try the HostGator service almost free.

2) 20% off discount codes

If you are subscribing for 12 month of service then it’s always good to use 20% off discount codes. Using 20% off coupon codes, you will save more on yearly plans. 20% off coupon codes are not good if you choose 1 month of hosting.

3) $25 off discount codes

These types of promotional codes give discount of $25. Use $25 off promo codes if you are selecting long term hosting plans. In monthly plans also you can use $25 off codes but it won’t do any good because you will get maximum of $9.95 discount even using $25 off codes.

So now you know how to get discount and save money on HostGator.

Use HostGator promo codes and you can get a Hostgator Discount at the time of sign up.