How To Fix Your Own Refrigerator In Orange County CA

Refrigerators are essential appliances that keep our food cool and prevent it from spoiling.  If you are having problems with your GE refrigerator it is important to fix the issue before it becomes more serious.  If it sounds like your refrigerator is running constantly or the unit is not properly cooling, the root cause could be very minor and easy to fix.  Before you call for refrigerator repair GE Orange County CA refer to the tips below.  See if you can turn a problem into a solution and save money.


Your Refrigerator is Constantly Running

Refrigerators run off of a thermostat that will turn the compressor on and off when needed.  When the refrigerator starts to exceed the temperature set on the thermostat, it will turn the compressor on until the unit cools below that temperature.  The problem could be with either the thermostat or the compressor.  See if the light turns off when the door is latched.  If the light stays on, the switch tells the compressor to run.  Also check to see if the temperature is set much too high on your thermostat.  If you lower the temperature and it does not solve the problem, you may need to consider replacing the thermostat entirely.

Your Refrigerator is Clicking and Buzzing

This is a common problem in GE refrigerators.  If your unit is not cooling properly and it is making a strange clicking and buzzing noise, the sound is more than likely coming from the compressor.  The sound means that power is getting to the compressor but the component is not working properly.  If you are not sure how to locate or replace compressor components, you may need to schedule refrigerator repair GA Orange County CA.  One false move could cause other components to breakdown making your unit completely useless.

Your Refrigerator is Leaking

GE refrigerators have a defrost cycle that melt and extra water from the coils to a drip pan that is located underneath the unit.  The unit is supposed to evaporate the water so it is drained properly.  Leaks are generally caused by blocks in the path the water flows to drain.  To fix this, all you need to locate is the obstruction that is causing water to leak out of the unit.  This obstruction will be found somewhere in the drain tube.

Not all problems are easy to fix.  If you run into an issue that involves replacing components, you may need to schedule refrigerator repair GE Orange County CA.  Be reasonable with the type of project you can take on.  Troubleshoot and diagnose the problem and refer to repair tips online.  If you still cannot find a successful solution, move on to hiring a reputable repair company.

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