How to give up smoking in a week, how i stopped smoking in a week

People turn to cigarettes for more than just the physical satisfaction. Experts today believe that cigarette addiction is more a psychological craving than a physical need and it is this aspect of it that makes it harder to quit. The question of how to stop smoking cigarettes looms heavily over the heads of some avid smokers who tend to get cynical when the things they are told to do to eliminate their smoking problem just won’t work.

Perhaps the primary reason why smokers find it hard to find the answers to how to stop smoking cigarettes is the ugly possibility of having to go through the nicotine withdrawal stage. Nicotine withdrawal comes with both physical and psychological symptoms, both with equal intensity but not the same longevity. The physical symptoms usually last for three days tops, and are primarily characterized by cravings that last from three to five minutes. The problem of how to stop smoking cigarettes and the psychological symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are an entirely different ball game-more serious and definitely harder to manage.

People suffering from the psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal tend to be irritable, easily fatigued, and usually have trouble concentrating. The may even find it hard to sleep at night and may suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression. In hopes of finding quick relief from all these symptoms, a recovering smoker may eventually relapse to smoking cigarettes again, if only to bring a level of normalcy back in his life. This is the reason why it is important to address the problem of how to stop smoking cigarettes on the psychological level.

The main problem that causes nicotine withdrawal is the craving. The desire to puff on a cigarette can become so overpowering that it stirs up a person’s whole being in all the wrong directions. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that could curb the urgent cravings without having to resort back to the unhealthy habit of smoking? Why not try indulging in an electronic cigarette instead?

Electronic cigarettes are the new and effective solution to the problem of how to stop smoking cigarettes. An electronic cigarette is not much different from a normal cigarette in that it gives the recovering smoker his smoking fix, but with less of the harmful ingredients found in real cigarette. It looks like the real thing too, and some people claim that it even tastes better. You can smoke it anywhere sans the hassle of smelling like a giant smoke machine, as it is odorless and does not pose a threat of passive smoking to others. It is also a cheaper alternative to normal cigarettes.

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