How To Spot Staffing Issues in Assisted Living Facilities

Despite the great work they do, assisted living facilities frequently find themselves understaffed. Whether it’s due to poor working conditions, a lack of training, or some combination of factors, staffing issues in assisted living facilities are both common and impactful. Before committing to a new home, examine the facility for telltale signs of high employee turnover. 

1. Inquire About Staff 

The first way to tell if a facility is experiencing staffing issues is to pay close attention to the actions, words, and credentials of the staff. Consider how staff members interact with each other, as well as how they treat their residents, even when they aren’t under close observation. Make sure they respond to requests for aid in a timely, situation-appropriate manner. 

2. Examine Resident Conditions 

Although it isn’t always a direct correlation, the condition of a facility’s residents is often an indicator of how well the facility is run. If residents have numerous reasonable complaints, it may be because the home is understaffed. Frequent injuries, poor hygiene, slow response times may also indicate that staff are not able to care for residents adequately. 

Staffing issues in assisted living facilities are unfortunately common, but usually they are due to the demands of the industry rather than a lack of concern on behalf of the caregivers. Increasing awareness and educating others on how to identify staffing issues can improve the lives of residents and nurses alike. 

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