IbVPN Review – What Is IbVPN and Why You May Want It

IbVPN provides VPN services. If you haven’t heard this particular technical acronym before, it means Virtual Private Network.

Understanding IbVPN

IbVPN, and services like it, provide a way to anonymize Internet traffic using encryption technology and servers that mask the originating IP of any traffic going to a web page. This is used by people who need their Internet traffic to be secure, of course, but the virtual part of it is what makes it useful. Normally, to have a completely private network, you’d have to actually connect directly to the computer in question without using the Internet as a medium of transit. Using encryption technology, the server can communicate with your computer, and vice versa, in a way that is the equivalent of a private server.

What about Speed?

Most services such as IbVPN do cost you a bit in speed. There’s no way around this, simply because of how the service works. The service takes the traffic you send and receive and encrypts and decrypts it, respectively. This means that there is a bit of a slowdown compared to using your Internet connection normally. This slowdown usually isn’t particularly significant, though some services offer much faster data transfers than others.

Is it Software?

No, VPN services are sometimes installed using software but services such as IbVPN are simply a network connection that reroutes traffic through the provider’s servers. The software packages that sometimes come with these services usually serve the function of setting up the network connection automatically and sometimes have enhancements, such as indicators that let you know whether or not you’re actually communicating over the secure server.

Is it Permanent?

No. You can use a service such as IbVPN and go back to your regular connection whenever you want. You may want to use your full-speed, non-secure connection for everyday purposes, such as sending general emails or communicating with friends and activate the VPN when you’re having a secure conversation over an IM or VoIP service for your work, for instance. These are some of the very common uses of these services and are oftentimes the reason that people choose to purchase them.

What about File Sharing?

Some VPN services allow file sharing over their servers and some do not. There are also bandwidth restrictions on some plans, so it’s important to find out whether or not this applies to any plan that you buy. Where file sharing applications are concerned, these types of services are perfect for those who need to transmit data such as financial records and other sensitive information without having to worry about compromising someone’s security in the process. This is also one of the main selling points of these services for the business community.

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