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1. Who are you? Rebekah Niman- I have been married 21 years and am mom to 3 fantastic boys. I own Rebekahs Health & Nutrition Source of Lapeer, and also

2. Just where are you from originally? I was born in Sterling Heights, MI, I resided in Florida for some years, and moved to Lapeer, MI in 1999.

3. Where do you live nowadays? City of Lapeer, MI.

4. How do you depict what you do professionally? As a Health mentor, I aid people make healthy supplement/food/lifestyle choices for themselves and their families. I inspire individuals to replace toxic and unsustainable with organic and natural, and trade in medicine for education.

5. What is your expertise? I specialize in healthy choices, which includes detoxification, weight loss, and organic living. And I have a fantastic staff who are passionate about helping people enrich their lives through good health.

6. What is your personal story? After 40 years of struggling with asthma, thyroidal problems and migraines, I decided to take control of my own health instead of continually treating the symptoms. I discovered an effective holistic approach in healing root causes and along the way have met an ardent group of natural healthcare enthusiasts driven to improve their lives and their communities.

7. Why do you do what you do? I love sharing information and helping people. Learning and growing is the power that drives me everyday. I seriously believe there are better ways of caring for ourselves rather than just through the usage of pharmaceuticals and health insurance companies.

8. How do you do it? My staff and I are continually working to listen to questions and respond with understanding and compassion. Each person’s goals and direction are really essential to us. Matching customer service with high quality products and solutions is our number one goal.

9. How did you get into it? I came across a natural health magazine a few years ago and ordered some food grade hydrogen peroxide. It absolutely worked wonders for me. I knew at this point it was a product and lifestyle that I had to pursue. Within a year I had detoxed, began feeling young, and all but ended going to the doctor. My energy levels boosted, and I knew I was on to something excellent.

10. What has been your largest struggle or hardship? I think the biggest challenge is misinformation. Healthcare in the 21st century is a trillion dollar industry. Mainstream medicine has really created the perception that your good health only can be taken from a prescription drug bottle. Folks are told to rely on others for their own health and its just a recipe for frustration and ultimately failure. We work hard to get the message out that there is a far better option.

11. What has been your greatest lesson or insight? Our community has given us lots of great feedback. Our neighbors and friends are really excited and ready to take control of their health.

12. What encouraging tips do you have for the W2W audience? Taking control of your health can be personally rewarding and far more cost efficient than the traditional healthcare system. Getting healthy with a holistic approach of feeding the body like nature intended is easy, low cost, and incredibly empowering.

13. What do you absolutely want readers to know about you? Me and my staff work each day to provide high quality and value to our community. I truly embrace the peace of mind and personal satisfaction that comes from helping you on your path to good health.

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