Introduction Of Butane Lighters

Smoking has always been a serious social problem right from the ancient society until now. Research shows that cigarette smoking has been there for almost two centuries. It is amazing how cigarette consumption has rapidly increased even after learning about the health risks that are associated with this activity. This has led to an increase in development of items like butane lighter to make cigarette smoking a stress free activity.


Generally, the history of cigarette began in South and Central America, where an American explorer described a practice that involved smoking tobacco in a hollow reed or a rolled leaf. A certain Spanish fellow liked the practice so much that he took it to his home country. Within no time, a paper substituted the rolled leaf. In Paris during 1839, a renowned tobacconist renamed the rolled paper to cigarette and thrived in introducing the product into different areas. In a short time, the French state tobacco cartel ventured in that area and successfully became one of the most influential cultural exports from Paris to the rest of the globe

Smoking cigarette gained popularity in England after the Crimean War, where Ottoman associates and Russian enemies introduced England armed forces to this practice. As time passed by, marketing campaigns helped extend the practice to America and to the rest of the world.

In 20th century, butane lighters were introduced on the market. The use of this convenient lighter helped to increase the rate of smoking among Americans. Smoking cigarettes has now been there for years, due to reduced cost of the product and good marketing strategy. The media also has also played a major role in convincing the world that smoking is normal.

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