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Running a business is a lot of hard work. This is true if you’re the sole owner of a one-man show or if you happen to be middle management of a multinational corporation. There are so many factors that come into play and, in recent years, social media has come to earn quite the critical role.

Sure, you could go to the Facebook website or the Twitter website directly on your work computer, but what about when you’re on the road? What about when you’re at the airport, commuting between meetings, or attending a trade show? The iPad and iPad 2 are great tools for this purpose, but you need the right apps to make the most of them.

Need some business apps for social media management? There’s no shortage of options when it comes to Apple’s darling of a tablet.

Osfoora HD ($3.99)

There is already the regular version of Osfoora available for the iPod touch and iPhone, but Osfoora HD for the iPad blows that up to better fit the larger proportions of the Apple tablet device. Key features include full landscape support, multiple account support (great for PR folks), follow Friday generator, Twitlonger support, trends support, tweet translations, and an in-app browser and image viewer.

Flipboard (Free)

Tired of the same old interface? Flipboard for iPad re-organizes your social media world into an electronic magazine. Feeds are automatically pulled from Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, Flickr and Instagram, reading into updates that your friends and colleagues are sharing online. This app was named as Apple’s iPad App of the Year in 2010.

Tweetings HD ($3.99)

Yup, it’s yet another app to manage your Twitter dealings. Tweetings HD does the usual column thing, but it is one of the only apps to provide one-click access to any Twitter list from the main sidebar. This way, you don’t have to fumble through layers and layers of menus. It also helps that you can update your Facebook status using the same app as well, as well as manage drafts, schedule tweets, and shorten URLs.

Friendly Plus ($0.99)

Need a better way to manage Facebook for your business? Friendly Plus can do that. On the business side of things, one of the greatest appeals of this app in particular is the ability to manage multiple Facebook accounts, switching between them on the fly. Being able to swipe through photos full screen is a nice touch too.

FriendCaster (Free)

Another option for flicking through Facebook on the iPad is an app called FriendCaster. This free app is visually appealing, but it’s functional too. You get full screen photos, optimized links, quick switching between accounts, and optional pin code security (don’t have to deal with the messy on-screen keyboard for your super secure and complex password). Moving forward, the developers plan on implementing more features like Facebook Chat and Facebook Messages.

FlickrStackr ($0.99)

When most people think about social media for business, they immediately turn their attention to the power of Facebook and Twitter. That doesn’t mean you should forget about other opportunities for social media marketing too! FlickrStackr is one of the best ways to engage with Flickr on your iPad (or iPhone). The White House makes good use of Flickr; why don’t you?

TwitRocker ($4.99)

Okay, this is the last Twitter app we’re highlighting, I promise! TwitRocker isn’t quite as cheap as some other Twitter apps (there are a bunch of free ones), but it’s worth checking out. You get the usual retweets and replies, as well as the ability to use your own bit.ly account, to keep draft tweets for later use, and to create and manage lists. The built-in browser can be pretty handy too.


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