Is A Health Club Insurance Company Right For You?

There are health club insurance companies that of similar if not the same rates to all customers. These companies offer what is called blanket coverage and they charge one low price for all. There are some companies that will give different coverage to some people, and still another coverage for others. There are many factors in your life that might be influencing the price you pay for health insurance. Knowing these factors will give you a clearer understanding of what you will be paying for your health insurance.


The first question any carrier is going to ask is your age. Your age is always a key factor in your health insurance rate. If you are older, you will have to pay more for coverage than someone who is younger. Younger people are not very prone to injuries. There are some younger people who are prone to become injured, but these young people should be able to heal much quicker than an older person. The rate of the premium might go up as you age.

Health club insurance companies also look at your medical history. When the health club insurance companies look into your medical history they are looking to see if you are going to be a big risk, and cost they too much money. If the medical insurance company thinks you are going to be a big risk and cost they too much money, the company will charge you a higher rate for your premium. Companies look at such things as injuries you might have had in the past, and also if you have any preexisting conditions.

Health club insurance companies want to know what types of extracurricular activities you participate in. They want to know if you play any sports, like football, or if you participate in risky behavior like sky diving. The more dangerous your lifestyle is the bigger the chance is that you will pay a higher premium than anyone else.

These things are true of some health club insurance companies, but not all of them. There are a few health club insurance companies that will offer you the same rate as every other member in the club regardless of your lifestyle, and current, or past medical history. The rate you will be charged will be an average of the premium they think you will need to pay. When you go with health club insurance companies that offer you a flat rate you might not be getting the best price available to you. If you are healthy, and have a non dangerous lifestyle you might want to consider a medical insurance company that offers rates based on these factors, you might find you get a lower rate than with a health club insurance company that offers you a flat rate.

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