Jewelry is crafted of Polynesia

We makes it possible for some inventive artisans of Tahiti along with other islands of French Polynesia give their jewelery from worldwide .

Real items
All jewelry shown is manufactured in Tahiti from neighborhood raw resources. The nacre from the pearl oyster polished and engraved usually serves like a basis for attaining the cutest pendants. Cultured pearls from Tahiti, keshi mabes or (other items in the pearl business in French Polynesia) are mounted. The shells will also be employed. As is custom, several objects are made ??with classic fibers: the fiber of coconut, niau, pandanus, cleverly woven. Artisans Marquesas use them seeds, bone and wood.
All merchandise offered around the internet site are handicrafts, created the space and manually. We need to take part and also to safeguard know-how historical and conventional.

Honest Trade
We utilize the principles of fair trade, offering without intermediaries these talented artisans can get a reasonable and deserved for his or her perform plus they can grow their market place.

Fotografos bodas

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