Making Bookends And Other Woodworking Basics

You can easily make woodcraft for your bedroom to hold those books that you would always like to read before going to bed. Bookends really serve great when it
comes to decoration and managing your favorite books.

To make a bookend you require a polyester brush, ruler, pencil, scissors, cloth, scroll or band saw.
Also one piece 4’*6’*1′ of wood , 9 1 ? long finishing nails, 2 pieces of ?’ cork, wood glue, wood filler, clear urethane varnish,
one sheet of coarse sandpaper, and fine sandpaper.

Steps to make the bookend:
1. First you need to print off the base, back and the center piece patterns and cut it out.

2. Then trace the base pattern measuring 5’*5′ onto the wood twice and cut the pieces out with the scroll or band saw.

3. Trace the back pattern measuring 8 ? ‘* 5′ onto the wood twice and cut the pieces out with the scroll or band saw.
4. Next trace the center piece measuring 6′ *3′ once and again cut the piece with scroll or band saw. Cut this piece into half to make the center
pieces each measuring 3′ * 3’.

5. Sand all the pieces until they become smooth first with the coarse sandpaper and then fine sandpaper.

6. Now wipe the wood with a cloth to remove the dust from sanding.

7. Glue the back to the base and then wipe off the entire excess flue with a damp cloth.

8. Allow this glue to dry.
9. Now glue the center to the back and the base and wipe off the excess glue with a damp cloth before it dries.
10. Allow this glue to dry.

11. Next secure the back, base and center with the finishing nails for extra strength, 3 on the bottom under the cork where the center piece attaches to the bottom,
3 up the back to hold the center piece in place and 3 along the back where the bottom attaches to it.

12. Fill the nail holes with wood filler where they could be countersunk. Let it dry and then sand it lightly with sandpaper.

13. When the glue and nail filler is thoroughly dry, varnish with small polyester brush and consult the container of varnish for proper instructions.
If necessary, sand it lightly before varnishing again. Varnish again in 24 hours.

14. Trace the base pattern twice onto the cork and glue the cork to the underside of the base of each bookend to prevent scratching furniture and prevent slipping.

While you make this bookend always keep in mind that these tools are dangerous so you should always look for the safety measures.

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